My top 5 Must-follow twitter Sponsorship accounts


Twitter is often my go to source for up-to-the-minute news and information, and there are a few great sponsorship accounts that I have on my must follow list.

@rtrsports – Sharing great content from a mostly European Motorsport perspective.

@BrunoLALANDE – Providing some good insights from a research perspective on sponsorship and the value of sponsorship and event marketing.

@Sponsor_Insider – Best source of Sponsorship news, find out who is doing what, innovations, and all the big Sponsorship news here.

@IEG – Great source of info with insights, trends and events in the Sponsorship industry.

@Sponsorship2_0 – Provides News, discussion and events information for Sponsorship professionals.

Who are your must follow Sponsorship twitter accounts?

You can follow me @IAmBiancaKing and tweet me your suggestions!